The Biggest Secret of Alex Hirsch Exposed

Let me introduce Alex Hirsch for those of you who don't have a clue about him because I know his biggest secret and I wanna make him public, today 18th of June!

Alex Hirsch is a big boy from US who had one day a great vision.
He took some ''ocult'' experiences made with his sister in childhood and put them on paper.

He wrote an incredible story about  the adventures of some twins named Dipper and Mabel, in the craziest place possible, Gravity Falls, governed somehow by their Uncle Stan.

And made, of course that drawings...!
He  became an American animator, storyboard artist, voice actor, and television producer and took a lot of prizes!

The  biggest secret of Alex Hirsch is..

If you are an open minded big boy or big girl, despite your age, you can watch Gravity Falls at Cartoon Network Chanel, or You Tube.
Alex Hirsch's amazing imagination  was trying still now to demystify the concepts of Illuminatti, that freaking beings and their signs.

I can hear what you think:
You too, Diane! You're sold your soul to Illuminati, and  you're trying now to sell our souls...!

I just wanted to say  I'm looking forward to watch the future episode ready in the middle of July, and to reveal, of course, the biggest secret of Alex Hirsch:
today, 18th June, is his birthday!

Happy Birthday, Big Boy! Happy Birthday, Alex Hirsch!

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